Men Can Pamper Themselves Too

Without the help of Vinevera, my skin would no doubt have lost it’s lustrous glow a year ago – the same time that I started using it. Last year I had begun to notice just how bad my skin was becoming; working outside for all these years has really left me with some seriously sun damaged skin! Of course it’s going to naturally take some wear and tear but I was tired of looking like a roasted, windburned pumpkin and decided to change that with the help of this incredible serum which has really transformed my skin into a more healthy look.

I know that it’s vain to want to look younger and more beautiful, especially as a guy since most dudes totally discount this kind of thing, but I believe that when it comes to our health we have to be responsible for all facets of it! That includes taking care of our skin just like your wife and girlfriend probably do – it’s not just about looking good but about feeling good, too. Having skin that feels great to the touch with healthy pores is going to help you keep out the dirt and the bacteria!

Men are often going to snort in derision at the idea of putting on lotion every day or using a foaming cleanser that leaves them refreshed and glowing! I did too at one time but let me tell you guys; it’s great. I now understand why women can get so much joy out of it! It’s like pampering yourself. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been at the gym and you just completed a five set of five squats and deadlifts? Yeah, you might be hurting but you are feeling great. That’s the kind of experiencing taking care of your skin can give!